About Us

BWD recruits solely for the UK financial services industry.

Our Story

The company was founded in 2006 by directors, Alistair Brownlee, James Walker and Gareth Davies (you might have noticed the business name is formed from the initials of our surnames). We've been friends and colleagues since 2001; each of us has a background in financial services and still retain a hands-on role in the business.

We are active members of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. Recruitment & Employment Confederation

What Makes us Different

Our Values

BWD stands out in an industry that admittedly doesn't always have a great reputation. These core values guide everything we do:

  • Do the right thing
    We are decent and have a strong sense of right and wrong
  • Humility
    We listen and respond, sensitive to our clients and candidates
  • Loyalty
    Long-term relationships provide profound satisfaction
  • Growth is good
    For our clients, our business and our employees

Our Promise

Here are a few of the promises that make BWD different:

  • We won't bombard you with telephone calls
  • We won't recommend candidates without their prior agreement
  • We won't waste your time by sending mediocre CVs
  • We won't put candidates forward for unsuitable vacancies
  • We won't ever give you the 'hard sell'

Meet the Team


People like dealing with people, not websites. Click this link to discover who does what at BWD, see the faces behind the names, and learn a bit about each of us, warts and all! That way, you know who you're talking to.

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