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    BWD Salary & Benefit Census 2017/18

    Your definitive reference source of salaries and benefits in UK financial services, including sector issues and recruitment trends.

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    BDM Quality Census 17/18 

    Exclusive insights into how Business Development Managers are perceived by the wealth management sector.

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    about 1 month ago

    The 'Modern' Pensions Actuary

    Actuary - noun “An individual who does precise guess-work based upon unreliable data, provided by those of questionable knowledge” Granted, not an ...

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    3 months ago

    A Year In Pensions And Benefits

    It has been just over a year since Iain Garfield joined BWD as Divisional Director - Pensions & Benefits, so I thought it would be good time to sit...

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    5 months ago

    A Rewarding Career in Financial Advic...

    I read an article this week that perplexed me a little. I am quite an open-minded chap, but an event called the Cuddle Club, aiming to promote bond...

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    6 months ago

    Competition, Communication & Congratu...

    Firstly, a belated but much deserved congratulation goes to Gareth Southgate and the entire England Team. It was a wonderful World Cup and certainl...

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    6 months ago

    Feeling Empowered and Respected in My...

    It is always a little daunting when you are asked to do something outside of your comfort zone. So, when our Marketing Manager approached me asking...

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    6 months ago

    Work Experience, Commonly Known as Ma...

    The well-known phrase “I would rather watch paint dry” couldn’t be more apt when it comes to work experience. Making tea including Yorkshire, Earl ...

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    7 months ago

    From the World Cup to Love Island to ...

    So, the least hyped and anticipated World Cup I have ever experienced is underway, but in fairness, I am enjoying it quite a lot. All of my colleag...

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    7 months ago

    The Winning formula......apologies fo...

    The prospect of joining a new company can be a nerve-racking time. Am I making the right decision? Will I be a success? Will I fit in to the compan...

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    10 months ago

    What does a 'new model BDM' look like?

    A quality business development manager (BDM) remains one of the most effective ways for a provider to build and grow a relationship with an adviser...

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    over 1 year ago

    Why Financial Incentives are the Wron...

    Bonuses are an intrinsic part of our working culture: that is an indisputable fact. The harder we work, the more we achieve, the more impressive ou...

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    about 2 years ago

    Why Do Recruitment Consultants Always...

    One of the most regular, emotive and hotly discussed topics amongst LinkedIn status updates, are tales of interactions between contractors and recr...

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    about 2 years ago

    The 'IT Recruiter'

    Even amongst the much maligned field of recruitment, the “IT recruiter”, stands out as the target of particular denigration, and not without good r...

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Getting Started

BWD: Specialist recruitment consultants for the UK financial services sector since 2006

Because we recruit only for financial services jobs, you'll find we have a genuine understanding of exactly what you need.

Candidates: You benefit from our niche expertise, personal service, and opportunities you won't find elsewhere.

Clients: Thanks to our in-depth experience and industry contacts, we can look deeper and wider to help fill your vacancies.



  • The level of service you’ve provided has been the best I’ve experienced. (1) I’ve never felt better prepared for an interview, [allowing] me to go in and perform confidently. (2) You called when you said you would, kept me updated, and been flexible in your channels of communication to allow me to get on with my day job. (3) You’ve been pleasant to deal with all the way through the process.

    John Cresswell

    Vice President Recovery & Resolution, BNY Mellon
  • I was delighted with BWD's approach. They understood the brief and put forward a well-researched group of candidates. Most impressive was the quality of information sent with tailored CVs and brief email summaries of qualities relevant to the role.

    Adrian Chapman

    Head of Sales, Capita EB
  • The service we receive is exceptional and nothing is too much trouble. By recruiting the highest calibre of individuals we have been able to grow significantly, and in both 2014 and 2015 appeared in the Citywire Top 100.

    Quentin McCormick

    , Pavis Chartered Financial Planners
  • Harry was extremely friendly, proactive and helpful from the outset and really listened to my needs and what I was looking for. Therefore finding a new job became somewhat seamless and it felt like a very personalised experience from start to finish. Within a few weeks I received an offer from a company which feels like the perfect fit. As someone who usually avoids recruiters, I would definitely recommend BWD


  • I just wanted to take the time to write and to thank you for all your help in securing my new role as Compliance Manager at Rice Whatmough Crozier.

    You couldn't have been more supportive or professional, ensuring that I was kept up to date on a regular basis.

    Jo, you even went to the trouble of calling me within 1 hour of each interview and checking in on me even from your holiday.

    No-one could have done more, and I am very grateful.

    1st Class service from a 1st Class lady.

    Julie Kenna

    Compliance Manager, Rice Whatmough Crozier
  • I would have no hesitation in recommending to other leaders in our profession who are seeking true quality candidates. Graeme gives an honest appraisal and holds a high standard when putting candidates forward. Graeme has a strong network and market intelligence. It doesn’t harm that he is thoroughly nice guy too!

    Nicholas Banks

    Director, Coutts
  • James is an excellent recruiter with incredible interpersonal skills. His work was very professional and he was always available to speak and answer questions. I found James to be very proactive during the recruitment process and that he represented me well. Ultimately, James's hard work paid off and he helped me obtain an excellent new role. I would highly recommend James Woods if you are considering leaving your employer.

    Mike Romatowski

    Chartered Financial Planner, Barclays Wealth Management
  • James took the time to not only understand my current personal and professional position but also helped me see a new future in a rapidly changing Financial Services Sector. James understands both the company and the candidate he represents resulting in a great personal and cultural fit. The advice, guidance and discussions gave me the confidence to make the next step in my career. James knew the opportunity was the right move for me before I did and this is testament to his skill and experience in the sector. I would highly recommend James to anyone seeking a new role or a company looking to build their team.

    Ross Coombes

    Financial Planning Director, Investec Wealth & Investment