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Where does BWD’s success come from?

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November 1, 2019

1. Knowledge & Knowhow

At BWD, we have over 150 years’ combined recruitment experience, which assist immensely when placing candidates into roles; “Iain understands the actuarial market place really well and had great insight into the current position of actuarial firms and their strategic direction.”

Our consultants are specialists within their sector of the market, providing a level of insight and confidence to clients and candidates; “The advice, guidance and discussions gave me the confidence to make the next step in my career.”

2. Reliability

You can count on us to do what we say; “You called when you said you would, kept me updated, and been flexible in your channels of communication to allow me to get on with my day job.”

We know it’s important for you because it’s your future; “Throughout the process he was very proactive and always kept me in the loop of what was going on.”

3. Personal, but professional

We treat all candidates in the same manner they deserve; “It felt like a very personalised experience from start to finish.”

Sometimes we even know you better than you think; “James reached out in a personalised manner about a specific opportunity that he, correctly, thought I would be suitable for.”

And we are always supportive of your choices; “In my dealings with Lorraine I have been impressed with her drive and enthusiasm for her clients and her passion for doing the right thing by them.”

4. We listen

Knowing, not thinking what a candidate requires is essential in recruitment. That is why we build a relationship, not just rely on a CV; “Harry was extremely friendly, proactive and helpful from the outset and really listened to my needs and what I was looking for.”

5. Speedy responses

Good listening comes with greater responses; “Importantly, he was very responsive and reassuring at the critical moments and helped calm me down when I was feeling the pressure.”

6. Accessing the industry

Our access to vast networks and systems to Financial Services professionals, ensures we can source the right candidates for the right positions; “Clearly has good contacts within the industry as he found a number of potential roles that would be of interest which resulted in a successful move.”

We make sure we know exactly what we are doing. It also helps that we are nice about it; “Graeme has a strong network and market intelligence. It doesn’t harm that he is thoroughly nice guy too!”

7. We know our clients

80% of our clients have worked with us for over a decade. This is not luck, but maintaining exceptional relationships with our clients, ensures they continue to work with BWD for their resourcing needs; “They go above and beyond in providing relevant and useful preparatory information ahead of interviews.”

Knowing our clients’ requirements means we can find the right candidates and prepare them accordingly; “I’ve never felt better prepared for an interview, [allowing] me to go in and perform confidently.”

8. Enthusiastic, but not pushy

We won’t push you into a role if it doesn’t feel right; “What impressed me most was that he didn't give me ‘the hard sell’ or try to persuade me into a role when I wasn't sure - he would give you the space to weigh up the options and make sure you make the right decision.”

We know you so well that we can find your job match quickly for you; “I did not feel he tried to push me into options that would not have been right, thus avoiding wasted time and effort.”

9. Long-lasting relationships

Maintaining relationships with candidates, even after we have found them a new role is imperative. They may require a new role in the future, or even candidates themselves; “You couldn't have been more supportive or professional. Jo, you even went to the trouble of calling me within 1 hour of each interview and checking in on me even from your holiday. No-one could have done more, and I am very grateful.”

Our consultants always go the extra mile to make sure you feel supported; “Lorraine is an outstanding recruitment professional. One of her many strengths is her ability to build lasting relationships with candidates and hirers.”

10. Reputation

Our reputation is clear from the above testimonials and statistics and that is how we want to remain. Our consultants are not just recruiters, they are experts in their respected field. Many of whom have direct experience in the industry, providing you with the confidence you require when looking for your next move within the Financial Services industry.

We will discuss any potential role with you in detail, guide you through the interview process and maintain a relationship with you, even after you have settled into your new role. At BWD, we are more than just a recruitment firm.

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