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Six (Fantastic) Months At BWD

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January 29, 2020

It has been almost six months since I joined BWD, as Social Media Marketing Associate, within the Marketing team. I therefore thought now would be a good time to share a few of my achievements, things I have learnt and the projects I have been working on.


I was tasked with creating and running the new Instagram ( and Facebook ( accounts for BWD. In addition, I also produce the majority of the content for our LinkedIn page. This includes weekly job ads, in the form of gifs, blogs, staff interviews, posting pictures from events, and marketing BWD’s 2019 Salary & Benefit Census, to name a few. All of this has helped us exceed 9,000 followers.

I enjoy the design aspect of the role and I am provided the freedom to be creative, within the brand guidelines. Items of work include Christmas cards, static designs for a variety of content, job ads, internal recruitment ads, gifs for important days including Mental Health Awareness Day, presentations (internal and external), end of year awards, and templates for PDF documents. I am constantly thinking of ways to make content look smart, new, and interesting.


Whilst I am an intern, it is a paid placement, and I am treated the same as any other employee. This prepares me for the corporate world post-university. Many of my friends are pretty envious of my position, not only due to being remunerated, but the fact I am enjoying my role and how I am involved in a variety of things. Also because I can see first-hand, the difference my work makes to the company, which is always encouraging to see.

As I continue to progress and learn, the more I am entrusted to do. I have now completed the new careers pages on LinkedIn for each of our divisions, I now have full access to the CMS for updating the website, I take and edit new staff and event photos, and I create adverts for The Actuary magazine. This is the leading publication for the Actuarial market, and it is excellent to see my work published. I have received really positive feedback from my manager about the content that I create, which is always lovely to hear and is great motivation for me.


Marketing really can be a trial and error job at times. Sometimes you really won’t know what the interactions will be with a post until it goes out, and a lot of the time working in this industry, reactions from consumers will be unexpected.

Along with this, the algorithm of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, is often hard to understand, and doesn’t help the reach of your post to your preferred audience at all.

Especially for a company where I had very little knowledge of its sector at the start of my internship; Financial Services recruitment, I have learnt a lot about their audience, clients, and how the recruitment industry works. Over time, this will increasingly help me target our audience more specifically.

Research is very important as a Social Media Marketer. This often includes the research of trending topics and content, competitor analysis, and which content attracts our target audience the best. This research helps with inspiration for our own content and making it as successful as possible in order to obtain the greatest possible results.

The future

Since joining BWD, I have gained more confidence in the Adobe Suite, specifically, After Effects and Photoshop, as I use these to complete work on a daily basis. This new confidence in the software will help me immensely in my final year at university for my dissertation project, which I will be completing on After Effects. Knowledge of this software will assist me in the future, as these are important skills to have as a marketer and content creator in this decade, and more and more companies are looking for these skills when hiring.

I am looking forward to the rest of my time here at BWD. There is so much more for me to learn in the world of marketing and I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve throughout the rest of 2020. I really can’t thank BWD enough for the opportunity, their support and assistance in my development.

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