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My First Two Months at BWD

Posted on
October 8, 2019


Having completed two months into my role as Social Media Marketing Associate (intern) at BWD, I have experienced an array of different tasks and activities. These activities range from golf in the office (an incentive for the Consultants), the now infamous BWD Sports Day, Friday drinks, free lunches, hundreds of Colin the Caterpillars, tombola prizes, and much much more. There is always something going on at BWD…

As for work, I have completed several tasks including multiple gifs, for job adverts and internal recruitment, comedic videos including Sports Day, sharing life at BWD and various incentives. Print adverts for The Actuary magazine, LinkedIn posts and even newsletter designs. A lot in two months.

If you have seen the internal recruitment and core values gifs I created recently, you will have seen that BWD is a great place to work. If you haven’t seen the gifs, after reading this blog post, you will know it is. 


From day 1, during my induction, I knew there was plenty for me to learn and do. I was asked what software and tools I required, which I duly provided and within a matter of hours, everything was set up for me. The time I spend on the Adobe Suite applications, especially Photoshop and After Effects, is definitely helping to improve my design skills. I have already become more efficient in completing projects, as I get more and more used to the different tools, which enhances my work significantly here at BWD.


The things I have enjoyed the most are:

  • The freedom to suggest ideas for the business
  • The variety of tasks I am set and how I manage these

This means I can suggest ideas for the company on projects being undertaken, whilst getting on with my own set of tasks. I have my own deadlines and to-do lists, so combining the two ensures I have variety, not repetitiveness. This is completely new to me and I am extremely privileged to be able to contribute positively to the business. Seeing my own work published on social media and industry publications is fantastic. How many people on my University course can say that?

Whilst it may seem daunting to be working in a busy office environment, I feel very relaxed and the easiest thing here is to ask questions. If I need assistance, irrespective of their position, they are on hand to help me. Even my boss, who looks big and scary, is just a big softy really.

The office has never been as frantic as I thought it would be (not like Wolf of Wall Street at all!) because everyone has their own tasks to complete and their own deadlines. They are supported through their work to make sure everything is going to plan. The managing system here really is the best I’ve experienced and I’m sure I will be fully supported throughout the entirety of my year in the industry.


There are plenty of benefits and incentives, even for me! I have access to Perkbox, where I can get free cinema tickets, free hot drinks, and loads of other discounts! I have even been nominated into The Goblet of Fire (don’t ask, a little complicated to explain) four times in recent weeks, in recognition for work I have completed. This means I will be able to claim some exciting tombola prizes soon. For example, my boss won an escape room for four.

The free lunches and leave early policy on Friday’s are an amazing little touch. The sports day was something very unique to the company and a lot of fun. Have a look for yourself:

BWD never lacks any motivation. I have colleagues daily telling me they have enjoyed the latest gif or think my writing style is great, which is always really lovely and encouraging to hear!

It feels like I have accomplished a huge amount in the short time I have been at BWD (my time here has gone so quickly) and I can’t wait to see how the next 10 months here map out. University taught me the basics of certain software, but from being here, I have learnt a variety of things that I would never have learnt at University.

Hopefully next year in the final year of my course, I can bring some of the skills I have learnt here to my classes and my dissertation project, but most certainly for the future.

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