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Trainee Recruitment Consultant

It’s hard getting graduate jobs. If you’ve started looking you’ll know.

Few companies want to risk an investment in someone with no real experience.

Recruitment firms are always hiring though, so a lot of people become recruiters.

I don’t know how much you know about recruiters.

If you know anything, it’s probably that some of them have a bad rep.

Is that fair? Who can say.

Maybe it’s that 99% of recruiters give the rest a bad name.

Another thing you might know is they can make a tonne of money, if they’re good.

But they’re not all good, as we’ve established.

If you want the good money, you have to find a good recruitment consultancy to work with.

We’re one. Work with us.


Why should I believe you?

Look at this job ad.

It doesn’t look like the other, terrible job ads, does it? You know the ones.

It’s because we know how to sell, and selling is the bulk of what recruiters do.

Selling, really, is just being good with people.

If you think that’s you, we can teach you to be better.

We have fun. We look after each other. We all actually enjoy it.

If we won the lottery, we’d still probably pop in once a month to do a little bit of recruitment. 

Okay, maybe not. But even though it doesn’t beat chilling out on a beach, it’s still an exciting challenge.


It’s not charity

We’re doing this because if you’re good, you’ll make us money. In return, we’ll reward you.

We work exclusively in financial services. Clue’s in the name. Financial. Big money.

But we don’t want you talking to our high-flying clients not knowing anything, making us look stupid, so we’ll train you. Teach you. Give you the experience you need.

Invest in you, the way a lot of others won’t.

But you’ve got to have something to begin with. Something we can help you build on.

Show us what that is.

If you’re the right one for us, you’ll know what to say when you apply.