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Recruitment Consultant

Why do recruiters change jobs? Besides the obvious like redundancy, relocation or getting the boot.

It’s probably because you just don’t like it where you are.

You’ve had a row with your boss or you’ve not got the commission you were promised or you’re just not going anywhere.

But there are recruiters who aren’t necessarily unhappy where they are who still move jobs.

How do we know that?

Because they come to us.

Why on earth would they do that?

Because we give them something they can’t get elsewhere.

And what that is can be different depending on who you are. It doesn’t work for everyone, which is why we don’t employ everyone (yet).

But it might work for you.

It could be more money – or at least, the opportunity to make more money. We work in a lucrative sector: Financial Services.

If you’ve got a background in this sector, you’ll know it can be difficult. We make it easier with a sizable client portfolio, good relationships so you won’t dread calling, and no restriction on the locations or types of role you can work.

It could also be because we have credible growth plans. Every recruiter says they do, of course – no one wants to get smaller.

Put it this way: we hired someone from a competitor last year. We told him our vision. He saw we had a plan. He “got” it.

He was coming from a stagnating business. Momentum evaporated. Limited personal growth opportunities as a result.

Sound familiar?

But we’re not just interested in getting you in

We don’t want our staff leaving us, unless they absolutely have to.

So we treat you well.

We manage with common sense, not KPIs for KPI’s sake.

We’re decent, normal people. Not “recruiter” recruiters.

We’re more “do the right thing” than “do whatever it takes”.

And it’s worked. 

It might be the free health care, pension, professional development, trips abroad, race days.

It might be something else. Like we say, everyone’s different.

But look

We know if you’re comfortable, you’re not going to jump ship because of a job ad.

Moving jobs is a huge thing. We’re sympathetic to that. Like you should be with your candidates.

It’s why we promise to support you, through the move and beyond. Because building something good takes time.

So if you’re a recruiter who wants to earn more.

Become more.

Be happier at work.

Ask us anything you want. We’ll reply honestly.