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Data Analyst (Graduate)

  • £24,000 - £28,000

  • Ref


  • Contact Name |Emma Bourne

Graduate Data Analyst

  • London

  • £24,000 - £28,000

You’ve recently finished your BSc or Masters, you’re mathematically minded and have a passion for numbers.

Maybe you are a bit of an introvert? Looking for a role with routine, something where you can really focus.

There aren’t many of these types of roles around are there? A role where you can drill down into the data – help manage and analyse large datasets alongside SAS, STATA, or Python.

Well, a bit like buses we don’t have one, but two roles that fit the above criteria.

We are currently looking for talented graduates who like numbers to join an expert team as a Data Analyst.  The role is based in London but you’ll only be required in the office 2/3 days a week in the short, medium and long term – you are trusted to get on with your work, even at graduate level – not all employers can sing from that hymn sheet.

As a Data Analyst you will be doing the following:

  • Review the datasets that we receive from clients and their processing partners to ensure they are accurate.
  • Provide concise data reports, typically delivered as accurate, well-structured, annotated Excel spreadsheets.
  • Make and justify assumptions required to complete analyses where full information is not otherwise available.
  • Prepare complete and accurate reports, including sources used, calculations, and assumptions made.
  • Produce reports in Word that present easy-to-understand facts and communicate precise sets of findings.

So, if you are based in London and would like to find out a little more, apply below.


CONTACT US 0113 274 3000