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Part Qualified Actuary

  • £35000 - £60000 per annum

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  • Contact Name |Harry McNeill

Part Qualified Actuaries - UK Wide.
Do you want to work with a firm who operate like a start up with the foundations of experienced pensions professionals? We are looking for Pensions Actuaries between 18months - 3 years Post Qualified with ambition.
This pensions consultancy offers a lateral flow across the Actuarial, Investment and Admin teams; An opportunity to not become a specialist in one area but to become a more "complete" actuary.
Whether this is spending a day a week working within investment, splitting your time between the corporate/trustee desk or getting involved in more project type work; You will be able to take control of your career trajectory and mould it according to your strengths and wants, instead of having it planned out for you for those who think they know best.
Less red tape, less asking for permission from powers at be and more responsibility for you to get on with what you've been hired for.
Apply below.


CONTACT US 0113 274 3000