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BIG NEWS: Our 4 Day Week Trial is Complete... What Now?

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April 21, 2021

We're delighted to announce after a successful three-month trial, we are permanently moving to a full-pay, four-day week.

The decision to trial the move in January was taken as part of BWD’s drive to make the health and wellbeing of its workers the number one priority of the company. Based on research on the positive impact companies around the world have seen implementing similar patterns, the firm had tentative expectations that by allowing employees enough time to refresh in what can be a high-pressured industry, it would not only boost morale, but also energy and productivity.

These expectations have been proved accurate. BWD has already seen remarkable increases in performance across the board. All of their key metrics have increased over the last 3 months, by an overall 26%. With a shorter workweek, the company says its staff are more motivated, and feel more refreshed and energised from Monday to Thursday.

UK workers have the longest full-time working week of any European country, except for Greece, but over the last few years attitudes have been changing. Results from a recent survey conducted by the charity ‘Be The Business’ revealed that 18% of organisations are also considering the move as a way to increase productivity.

Fridays at BWD are now coined 'MyDay', with staff free to take full advantage of the extra time available to them over a long weekend. 

"Our employees have completely embraced 'MyDay' and it's been great to hear what they've been getting up to - from 50-mile bike rides and fishing trips to spending more quality time with their families."

- James Walker, Managing Director

We'll be sharing some of our 'MyDay' adventures on our social media platforms and interviewing various members of the team over the next few months to share what 'MyDay' means to them and how it has impacted their personal and professional lives and of course, the mental health and wellbeing.

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