With a challenging environment and constantly changing regulations, there is increased awareness of risk and a rapidly growing market for specialised compliance professionals.

Our compliance recruitment team works in conjunction with financial services companies in the UK and worldwide, placing candidates into high profile roles including CF10 directors, compliance managers, compliance monitoring specialists and compliance officers.

Latest Compliance News

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    2 months ago

    Why Financial Incentives are the Wron...

    Bonuses are an intrinsic part of our working culture: that is an indisputable fact. The harder we work, the more we achieve, the more impressive ou...

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    11 months ago

    Contract vs Permanent - Reality Check?

    As Financial Services Recruitment Consultants working within Compliance, Risk & Finance in both the contract and permanent markets, one of the bigg...

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    11 months ago

    Compliance: The Silent Crisis

    While most people across the Financial Services industry were celebrating the New Year and dreading the return to work in the first week of January...

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