How Much Can Happen In 1-Year At BWD?

Lorraine Robertson, Divisional Director of Change Management, shares her experiences of BWD since her first day here, one year ago.

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How Much Can Happen In 1-Year At BWD?

22 Nov 09:00 by Maddy Goddard


Lorraine Robertson, Divisional Director of Change Management, shares her experiences of BWD since her first day here, one year ago.


What made you want to start at BWD?

I wanted to work for an organisation where I could share my knowledge and expertise, and also have the opportunity to make a difference. In my previous role, I had worked for a company where the SLT was based in London, and my opportunity to contribute on a day-to-day basis was limited. Working at BWD, I am part of the senior leadership team based in Leeds.


What would you say is the highlight of your time at BWD so far?

For the last 7 years, I have specialised in Business Change and Transformation recruitment, working with several major banks and building societies in the UK. I am delighted that this discipline is now a service offering for BWD, complimenting our 5 other specialist divisions. Change is intrinsic to all our clients, and being able to support them with their change is a great benefit.


Why did you decide to become a recruiter?

As an ex-Financial Services professional, I have spent most of my career building trusted and lasting relationships. This is something I really enjoy and get a lot of job satisfaction from. I pride myself on the service I provide, and this, in turn, has resulted in client loyalty and longevity. After 15 fantastic years working with HSBC, an opportunity availed itself for me to work with a Financial Services Consultancy as a Client Relationship Manager, and before I knew it, some of the biggest FS organisations in the UK were asking me for support with their recruitment needs. And as they say, the rest is history!!


What one memorable moment at BWD will stay with you?

The welcome I received on my first day was unbelievable. My desk was decorated with flowers, fizz, candles, and an array of other goodies! I have never had such a welcome! That, and placing my first senior Change role not long after I had started with a new client, have definitely been highlights.


What has been the best part about your role in your one year here?

The best part about my role is having the ability to make a difference and facilitate change. BWD is an inclusive organisation where everyone’s opinions and ideas count. Being part of such a progressive and ambitious organisation is a real motivation for me!


If you could change something within the recruitment market, what would it be?

I would change the reputation of recruiters; not all recruiters are bad ones!! In fact, if I am being perfectly honest, I do not see myself as a recruiter; more a service and solutions provider for our clients.


Outside of work, what do you like to do?

I was very fortunate to work overseas in India and Malaysia, so I have a real passion for travel, and I love exploring new places. However, the latter has become somewhat restricted since the arrival of our cockerpoo 9 years ago. Seamus is one well-travelled little pooch!


Who is your idol?

That is a difficult question as there are many people I respect and admire. However, I think I would have to say that my mum is someone who never ceases to amaze me with her strength, determination and resilience. Even in the face of adversity; she never complains. She is a selfless and remarkable woman.


What are you most looking forward to in the future of your career and time here at BWD?

On the first anniversary of our newly established division, I want to continue to develop our Business Change proposition so that our clients know us for Change and Transformation. This will be benefitted from our several years of expertise recruiting change professionals and our extensive network, in order to help them navigate their way through change.


Do you have anything you’d like to achieve in your next year here?

To become the trusted Change Partner for our clients.


What makes BWD somewhere that people want to come and work for?

BWD is a unique organisation, whose values are not just a strap line, but resonate within the business.  The culture is professional and people centric, where everyone is encouraged to be the best version of themselves. We work hard to achieve success and have a lot of fun along the way. Hard work, commitment and loyalty is rewarded in abundance. BWD is a great place to work.


Where does BWD stand on Diversity and Inclusion?

As more and more Financial Services companies are asserting a commitment to diversity and inclusion, at BWD, our consultants and our approach are aligned to our clients D&I strategy, with business goals, health and wellness in mind. We are committed to supporting our clients in their quest to build diverse and inclusive work places, and we lead by our own example. Recognising the need for change is crucial. Many organisations need to think differently on how they attract talent, and the recruitment strategies they employ. I am delighted and proud to work for an organisation that is committed to employing women and men in equal measure, embracing different races, cultures, sexualities and backgrounds too.


What would you change if you could change anything about BWD?

To be honest, not much. We are on a progressive journey. In my first year, I have seen great things happen, including growth of the team, investment in new technologies to improve our service to candidates and clients, great incentives for employees, and an evolving culture that recognises diversity and inclusion. However, as a change ambassador, I am sure that there will be more initiatives, better ways of doing things, and many improvements along the way. So change is good at BWD!